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The Mission Statement


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This website is designated as a free online fashion archive. It is my intention to create a tool that both the home sewer, costumer, and fashion designer will be able to draw upon for creative ideas.

As there are wonderful patterns, there are some "EGAD! What is that?" patterns. Consider these as "historical reference"!

This collection is intended to be an inspirational resource and these items are not for sale.

Also, keep in mind that I personally own thousands upon thousands of patterns; therefore, I can only add small fractions at a time. If you own a very unique out-of-print pattern that you would like to share with us online, you may sumbit it to be displayed in the gallery. All images one are obtained solely for display here and all images residing on these servers belong to Twisted Angel Designs. I am formally warning you to not steal them. I will not tolerate any abuse of this service.

I hope you get lots and lots of lovely ideas from this collection and create wonderful, beautiful, and original things.

Thanks for dropping in,
Krystin Baker, aka Twisted Angel

Any pattern not currently in print is eligible to be displayed in these galleries.

  1. Obtain a 75dpi scan of the pattern. Patterns often scan better if you remove their contents first.
  2. Try to find the date of the pattern. Sometimes it is on the fine print of the envelope, or at the end of the instructions. Butterick vintage patterns tend to not have dates anywhere. Often, the price of the pattern or a postal stamp on mail order patterns can help place the approximate date.
  3. Email the scanned photo to, along with your name (if desired) so that I may give you credit for the photo.

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